Don’t waste time on waste plan

Published 12:01 am Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some problems are good ones to have, and, as of late, Adams County has had a few of those problems.

Continued success in recruiting industrial development has raised several worries. Are we running out of land to market? Do we have enough space at the port? Is our workforce up to the task?

Add to that list — can we handle the waste?

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Industries produce a large amount of high-strength wastewater. Currently, the wastewater treatment facilities owned by Natchez Water Works are sufficient for our needs. But as current industries ramp up and new ones join the party, the community may need a new plan.

Luckily, ideas are already on the table.

The former International Paper site has a substantial wastewater treatment plant that, if owned by the county, could be reopened.

The plant isn’t needed now, but a plan is.

Now is the time to map out several possible paths to cope with future wastewater. Now, we need details — in writing — a plan to quickly open or construct a treatment facility. Included in that should be a funding plan.

It’s better to have such plans sitting on the shelf when industry comes knocking than to be forced to scramble at the last minute and potentially lose a major employer.

Leaders have discussed the wastewater concern, and that’s great. Let’s be sure we’ve fully mapped out our next move, though.

Then, a potential problem won’t be a problem at all.