Drugs found on Concordia Parish inmate during checks

Published 12:05 am Saturday, May 4, 2013

FERRIDAY — An inmate at Concordia Correctional Facility attempting to hide a bag of synthetic marijuana by swallowing it simply led prison guards to the rest of his stash.

Brian Kee Melton, 40, 1116 Pecan St., Vidalia, was charged Friday with possession of contraband in a penal institute and distribution of scheduled I with intent to distribute.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jim Boren said the prison’s chief of security reportedly noticed Melton put something in his mouth during routine checks Thursday morning.

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“When he asked (Melton) what he had in his mouth, (Melton) had already swallowed it,” Boren said. “At that time, we conducted an investigation and found he had some things hidden.”

Boren said he found 10, 10-ounce bags of synthetic marijuana packaged for sale after searching Melton’s cell and belongings.

Synthetic marijuana, Boren said, looks similar to marijuana, but doesn’t have the same smell, which makes it harder to detect.

“It’s originally made to be potpourri, so it doesn’t smell the same way regular marijuana does,” Boren said. “It’s harder to catch because it doesn’t smell. and it’s harder to test for at the moment.

“It’s something we’re seeing more of, but also something we’re looking out for every day.”

Melton is serving time in prison for a fourth offense charge of driving while intoxicated.