Stop to enjoy life’s many milestones

Published 12:09 am Friday, May 17, 2013

A page in the book of life turns this month for many in the Miss-Lou.

Moms and dads say goodbye; students scream hello to the world.

Graduation is an exciting time, one worth celebrating.

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Hundreds of high school and college students in our area have just completed years of studying to accomplish the ultimate academic goal.


The Miss-Lou is proud of each and every graduate, no matter how easy or difficult your road to the diploma was.

We are more proud, though, of the parents, guardians and role models who escorted you along the way. Rest assured they did their part, too.

Parents begin school all over again when their little one steps foot in his or her kindergarten classroom. It’s an emotional journey that culminates in this month’s short ceremonies and long gowns.

If you are the graduate, be sure to say an extra special thank you to the adults who helped you along. Your crowning moment isn’t easy for Mom and Dad.

If you are the parents, don’t think about letting go; just beam with pride for a while. You are graduating too!

Life’s milestones come and go too quickly. We must stop and enjoy the moments today and the memories tomorrow.