20 catfish occupy tourist’s Lake St. John vacation

Published 12:11 am Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lake St. John Some area residents spent Memorial Day grilling with family or marching in a parade, but Lionel Jones spent his day catching 20 catfish on Lake St. John.

“It’s not a banner day for me, but I’d call it a good day,” the Bogalusa resident said.

Jones got an early start to his successful day, waking up minutes after the sun peeked over the horizon. He drove three hours, from Bogalusa, for a weekend stay.

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After fishing, he spent his afternoon cleaning and cutting the fish. Jones’ largest fish measured approximately 4 pounds.

“I don’t worry about anything except for relaxing and fishing when I’m up here. No Internet, no TV, just fishing.”

Though Jones’ haul was impressive, he said he wasn’t planning on eating fish.

“We fried some up last night,” he said. “We’ll probably eat something else.”

St. Francisville, La., residents Richard and Deborah Scott had a similar idea. They also caught several catfish, but began fishing later than Jones, shortly after 9 a.m.

Richard Scott said he enjoys coming to Lake St. John because of its quiet, tranquil nature.

“There is good fishing here,” he said. “I usually catch catfish or bream when I’m up here. There were a few folks out on the lake today, but not that many.”