Police chief issue not handled well

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something smells fishy in Ferriday again and this time, for a change, it’s not related to the town’s perennial water woes.

No, the foul-smelling aroma is coming from the Ferriday Town Hall, and in particular how Mayor Gene Allen handled the recent suspension of the Ferriday Police Chief Richard Madison.

Last week, Allen admitted that the police chief had been on a 10-day administrative leave.

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Madison claimed to have been on vacation previously.

We suppose that both the mayor and the chief were hopeful the entire issue would just fly under the radar.

Attempting to hide things from the public is never wise, or merited.

When asked for details, Allen refused to talk about the cause for the suspension, citing it was a personnel matter and thus not something that could be discussed publicly.

We disagree. If whatever Madison allegedly did or said was severe enough to cause Allen to invoke a suspension, then the matter should be communicated to the public.

Madison and Allen are both entrusted with enforcing the public’s safety and welfare.

For Ferriday residents to have two public servants try to keep an important matter under wraps is neither good government nor good-smelling.