Today we all celebrate our rebel spirit

Published 12:02 am Thursday, July 4, 2013

Without giving too much of a nod to the modern-day Ole Miss Rebels, today, we’re all rebels.

While the term “rebel” mostly conjures up images of the American Civil War, our nation’s most pivotal moment in history began nearly 100 years prior to the Civil War.

A group of rebels, filled with what we now know as the American spirit, had had enough. After much consideration, they did something that was crazy at the time. They stood up to the King of England and said, “No more.”

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By signing on the proverbial dotted line the “rebels” — later known as the founding fathers of America — were potentially signing their death warrants.

The fight for independence was either going to be successful or they were going to die trying.

It’s that independent streak that still, more than 236 years later, makes America special.

Today, as Americans celebrate Independence Day with the traditional cookouts and fireworks displays, let’s not forget from whence we came.

We are a country of rebels (lowercase unless you worship all things Oxford), and that’s what makes us great. We’re rebels, united in the desire to live freely.

God bless America and Happy Fourth of July to each of you.