LSU fell flat in College World Series

Published 12:01 am Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes, I have seen LSU win all six championships! I have never seen an LSU team look so miserable!

Coach Paul got them there, the players got them out of there! They just looked like they wanted to party (maybe privately they did) and they wanted to go home!

Oh, yeah, I’m a staunch L U of S (as Justin Wilson would say) fan, and I feel so sorry for all the alumni, the coaches and fans only because at the gun the team let them down!

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True, the team performed just great to get to the College World Series — why and what happened to the team? I realize there is no “I” in team, but maybe one or four “I’s” could have stood up and said, “I’ll” do it for everybody!

I played ball, high school, and did pretty good at short and left field. In my day (I’m 72), I had a habit of wanting to win and as pinch hitter at times the fence was always my goal. I was good at it! “Pat, pat.”

Enough of “great” me. I truly credit the LSU team to get to the CWS, but what happened? The two teams, UCLA and North Carolina, weren’t that exceptional — LSU just outplayed themselves!!

Well, tomorrow’s another year — give it your best again!

Mike Straczuk