City rezoning error needs to be corrected

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A 2007 typo continues to leave a developer, the city and a neighborhood of residents in a state of limbo.

The city needs to correct the error.

A rezoning recommendation regarding land off John R. Junkin Drive near the entrance of Glenwood Subdivision was expected to come before the board Tuesday, but did not.

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The property owner, developer Gayle Evans, has plans to construct an assisted-living facility on the site. Subdivision residents would prefer not to see that happen — or at least not to the scope planned several years ago.

The matter is up for debate due to a zoning error made when city’s maps were updated several years ago. When Evans bought the property, it was zoned to allow a business development, and the Natchez Planning Commission has ruled that land should be rezoned.

Subdivision residents have complained in the past before the board of aldermen, who are now the last hurdle before construction can begin.

The aldermen have no choice — if the matter was simply an error — but to allow the rezoning.

However, the Glenwood residents shouldn’t walk away feeling defeated and left with devalued property.

Instead, the residents should continue to be vocal participants in the city’s process of approving the facility’s design.

Rezoning — or returning the zoning to what it was — doesn’t give the developer free rein to erect whatever structure he’d like.

The city still has procedures in place, and everyone may still be able to share the area with a smile.