NGA tourney shines light on our area

Published 12:01 am Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today a bunch of grown men will put on some funny shoes and chase a tiny ball around acres and acres of well-manicured grass, whacking the little ball as infrequently as necessary to return to where they started.

Such a description doesn’t sound all that exciting, does it?

And, the mere fact that it’s happening isn’t all that special.

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It happens every day at local golf courses.

But today is different. Today, dozens of those men in strangely soled shoes are professionals.

They don’t whack at the little balls for fun, they do so to earn a living. For the rest of us, their work should be fun to watch — and great for our community, too.

Professional golf returns to Natchez starting today as the Magnolia Bluffs Casino Classic’s official play tees off at Beau Pré Country Club.

The tournament is part of the National Golf Association’s Pro Tour. It’s been a number of years since professional golf came to the area, but the NGA is not a complete stranger to Natchez.

NGA’s predecessor, the T.C. Jordan tour once came to Natchez regularly, and the annual tournament was a huge event in our community.

Having a pro tournament return to Natchez is a big deal, and not just for golf enthusiasts, either.

The tournament brings in a pile of often young, up-and-coming golfers, and in many cases their families, too.

The NGA tournament will draw attention to our small corner of the world, and that’s always a great thing, funny shoes or not.