Supervisor’s request not outrageous

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This week Adams County Supervisors said publicly they’re tired of being the nice guys (and nice woman) stuck holding the empty bag at the end of the day.

Who can blame them?

Supervisors may simply be publicly posturing a bit ahead of the likelihood that county property taxes are about to rise and supervisors are unable to stop it.

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You see, the Natchez-Adams School Board has the ability to raise your taxes without getting approval from anyone in the process — particularly the supervisors.

But supervisors generally have big targets on their backs come election time if property taxes have been on the rise — regardless of who actually raised them.

That’s what led supervisors to ask that members of the school board come and publicly take responsibility for the tax increase and explain the rationale for it to the board and thus to county taxpayers, too.

Over the last few years, the county’s own sharp pencil has allowed the county to trim expenses and lower their own millage to offset the rising school taxes.

But Monday supervisors said, effectively, “We cannot keep doing this because now we’re hurting our own constituents.”

Political posturing aside, supervisors have a point. They have done a good job at carefully reworking expenses and seeking ways to add positions when needed without raising taxes.

It’s a skillset the school district would be wise to emulate.