Residents report odd weather in Lake St. John area

Published 12:14 am Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lake St. John — Lake St. John residents reported a potential waterspout, green skies and flying outdoor furniture Wednesday evening.

Lake St. John resident Dave Kimbro said he saw high waves and water being whipped around in a circular shape.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “It wasn’t a funnel cloud. The water was being blown around in some awkward way about a mile away from my house.”

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National Weather Service meteorologist David Cox said wind gusts reached 40 mph.

Lake St. John resident Glenda Lewis also witnessed the weird weather. Lewis said she was sitting on her porch, videoing a great blue heron when the sky began to change colors.

“Everything got real dark, dark, dark green,” Lewis said. “I sat there and watched this very low, black cloud come across the lake. Then I heard the whistle of the wind, and it started swaying the tree.”

She said the wind tossed several pieces of her neighbor’s outdoor furniture into the lake and her barbecue pit into nearby bushes.

“This wasn’t some small charcoal grill; it’s pretty big,” she said. “It sprayed grease on me from head to toe.”

Lewis said she wasn’t injured, just a little frightened.

Though residents were startled, Cox said no tornadoes were reported.

“It was nothing too severe, just some wind gusts and a little lighting,” he said. “There is actually more of a possibility for severe weather (today).”

The National Weather Service predicts 60 mph wind gusts, hail, heavy rain and frequent lightning throughout the day today.

The National Weather Service predicts similar conditions Friday afternoon and evening — 50-60 mph wind gusts, hail, frequent lightning and heavy downpours.