Water fight not good for residents

Published 12:08 am Friday, July 19, 2013

More than two years after the two primary water providers in Adams County began a liquid litigation war, the white flag was raised this week.

But the surrender flag didn’t wave until after both sides had flushed away what one attorney estimated to be approximately $500,000 in combined legal bills.

If anyone ever tells you that utilities such as garbage collection and providing drinking water are not massively lucrative, immediately call them a liar.

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Water is big business.

It’s a big enough business that the possibility that a competitor may be stepping on Adams County Water Association’s territory led them to sue the Natchez Water Works.

In the end, the two sides settled the matter, agreeing for the most part to split up the issues of dispute.

If pressed, both sides probably would claim victory in the case, but in the end, perhaps only the lawyers who collected fees for their work actually won much of anything.

We hope that the next time concerns over such water “territories” arise, the two sides will pick up the phone and call one another before resorting to another expensive liquid litigation battle.

Working together, not fighting, and saving, not spending, should be the rule of the day.