Waste Pro working out kinks of trash program

Published 12:14 am Sunday, July 21, 2013

NATCHEZ Since taking over Natchez’s garbage collection in December, Waste Pro USA is working out kinks in the program and says things are going well.

Waste Pro Division Manager Doug Atkins said one of the problems the company is dealing with now is people stealing the new garbage bins that were recently delivered to city residents.

“People call and say they never received one, and we have the authorization that they did, so people (must be) going around and stealing them,” he said.

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Some garbage cans were delivered to vacant houses, and Atkins said Waste Pro is currently in the process of picking up those cans.

City residents are also putting recyclable items in their bins and placing them on the curb. But Atkins said for now those items are being dumped in with the regular garbage because the curbside recycling program does not begin until July 31.

“We don’t want to leave the trash out on the street, so right now we’re throwing it away until the recycling program starts,” he said.

Atkins suggests that residents save their recyclable items in the meantime and put them out for pickup July 31.

Some residents have yet to receive a new garbage can or recycling bin, Atkins said.

“We had a crew come in for a week to do deliveries, but now they’re gone,” he said. “There’s 6,000 cans being delivered.”

Atkins ask that residents be patient until all the cans can be delivered.

“Every single resident will have a can,” he said.

Natchez residents wishing to purchase another 18-gallon recycling bin or 65-gallon trash can should call City Hall at 601-445-7505. For more information about recycling, visit misslourecycles.com.