Don’t forget valuable storm lessons

Published 12:06 am Thursday, September 5, 2013

It feels a bit like our luck clock could be ticking down as we speak.

It’s been five years since a hurricane had a significant impact in the Miss-Lou — five electric-powered, wind-free, sunny, beautiful years.

But as anyone who lives in the greater gulf region knows, Mother Nature can wreak havoc whenever she likes.

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We are deep in the heart of hurricane season right now. This portion of the season has proven most hazardous in these parts, thanks to Gustav and Katrina.

And, unfortunately, our five-year furlough from hurricane havoc, probably means we are all a little less prepared than we should be.

With time and luck comes comfort, and with comfort comes carelessness.

The time to be ready, though, is always. Don’t let another week pass without being sure your household has the essentials needed to make it several days without electricity.

Local leaders in our community must heed the same preparation rules as well.

Emergency response, governmental and utility companies used Gustav as a reminder to get together and be ready for the next storm. The same groups have participated in drills and meetings since then to stay fresh.

We are glad to hear that the lines of communication are open.

Disaster will strike again, and we can only hope everyone is ready.