Loving smile best way to move on

Published 12:07 am Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why sit here until we die…(2 King 7:3).

Well, I decided that I would write this article to ease a few feel of people who have called me for ministry, when they don’t know where to turn. I hope this will inspire you to keep the faith as I am doing.

There comes a time in all our lives when we must make life-changing decisions. Well, not all of them are life and death. But, many of them make the difference between failure and success, health and happiness, others prosperity or property. I feel there’s a lesson we can all learn from the four lepers.

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Because of sickly conditions, ones they had no control over, they were ostracized and placed outside of the city of Samaria to die alone. How many times in life do you and I become the victim of circumstances that we have no control over?

The city of Samaria was under siege. The enemy had cut off all supplies and communication in and out of the city. The people in the city were slowly but surely dying.

These men found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Something or someone else may be responsible for you being in the condition you are in, but there comes a time in life when you must take control of your own life and chart your own destiny.

I mean square your shoulders, grit your teeth and just get “Holy Ghost mad” and say, “Enough is enough.”

These men could not go back and change what had happened to them and neither can we. You can go through life always blaming someone else for you problem. Or you can say, “I have had enough; it’s time for a change.”

These men were not only sick with leprosy, but had been forsaken by the city to die. They were perfect candidates for a “pity party.” You know, as long as you are willing to sit still and take it, there is somebody willing to dump on you.

In fact, they will stand in line to take a whack at you. You must get in control, get in the driver’s seat and take charge of you own life.

You can fold your arms, sit still and watch things die, or rise up, take the bull’s horns and change things.

The important thing is, regardless of what causes you to fall, you have the faith to get up! The devil likes to play with your mind and tell you, “Nothing is ever going to change, and you can’t do any better.” But the devil is a liar. Don’t listen to that garbage.

The lepers said, “We can’t go back; those bridges have been burned.” My friends, there is no way to go back, only forward.

It doesn’t help to cry over spilt milk. Taking anti-depressants will not ease the pain of a dead, misspent past.

Some have sat and watched their marriages die, others their relationships, some their businesses. It’s easier to kill someone than to resurrect it. But the good news is, God will not leave you without choices. These lepers had a choice, going back to face their so-called friends, or throwing themselves to the mercy of the enemy.

I can tell you now God has more influence over your enemies than you do your friends. They chose to “rise up and go.” It was the “twilight hour.” That time of day when the sun is setting, the shade of night was starting to fall, but there was still enough daylight left to see their way.

Realize one thing: timing is very important with God. And, He does have a timetable for your life. They were not divided in their decision. They were on one accord: “To rise up” — no liberals or conservatives, no Republicans or Democrats. They moved as one. There is an unbelievable power that comes with unity. As they approached the enemy, God added some Holy Ghost sounds like thousands of foot soldiers marching every time they took a step. The enemy thought they were surrounded and fled for their lives, leaving food, tents and all belongings behind.

The one thing that gives every person the power to rise above his circumstance is an unshakable faith in God. Sometimes just saying “no” to a person or problem can save a dying situation. When others try to hold you back or down, look them in the face, lovingly smile and say, “No thank you; I’m moving on.”


Thelma Frye Johnson is formerly of Natchez and currently resides in Jackson.