Forks solution could arise with discussion

Published 12:06 am Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two wrongs never make a right, no matter how many decades separate them.

Our nation made a series of horrendous wrongs in its early days when the nation turned a blind eye to human slavery.

Natchez, in particular, made great wealth on the backs of slaves and thus became a large hub for the slave trade. The Forks of the Road slave market was the second-largest slave market in the South.

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The site slipped into obscurity after the Civil War and nearly was forgotten.

Thankfully, through the hard work of a small number of volunteers, the Forks of the Road site is on the brink of receiving National Park Service protection.

That’s a great accomplishment and one worthy of the historic site’s importance.

Today, the Forks’ volunteers worry a proposal to develop a housing complex stands to ruin approximately half of the site’s remaining land.

The Forks is on the cusp of receiving NPS’s protection and national prominence that comes with it. It’s finally about to receive the attention it’s due, and another potential wrong is looming overhead.

We urge developers, the NPS and Forks of the Road volunteers to work with the city to see if another solution can be made.

The Forks is our history and it must be protected and preserved.