Trash contract seems cut and dry for county

Published 12:06 am Thursday, September 19, 2013

Earlier this week, members of the Adams County Board of Supervisors heard complaints from the company hired to collect the county’s residential trash.

The chief gripe comes from the frequency at which the company must collect trash from the county’s two convenience stations — which exist to allow county residents to dispose of larger items that may not fit into household trash receptacles.

Waste Pro officials complain that they feel it’s necessary to charge the county each time the company empties one of the Dumpsters on the site.

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At the proposed rate, the fees would be approximately $62,400 per year. County leaders point to the recently completed contract that, they say, indicates no additional charge should be allowed.

If that’s true, the county shouldn’t pay the company a penny more than what the contract allows.

The issue was tabled until Waste Pro and county officials can sit down and discuss the issue.

But it seems pretty cut and dry to us — if the contract doesn’t include the charge, then nothing is owed and the taxpayers’ funds should be left untouched.