Don’t fret when down on your luck

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Many times in life, we as Christians feel that we always get the short end of the stick. We feel that our luck is not as good as the world’s.

We feel that no matter how much we try and do the right thing, we don’t win, can’t win and winning is just not in the forecast (current or future) for us. Sometimes we can see the evilest of people prosper and continue on as though they are doing nothing wrong. And their wrongs, as we see it, can pile up and up and they seems to not fail or falter.

As Christians, we believe in the Bible and the Word of God as it is written, but sometimes our belief gets shaken when we see these things come about. We are sometimes shattered as we see the progress of the evil one(s) continue on to success.

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Many times we are put in a position to almost doubt the word of God. Yes we do, whether we want to admit it or not, it’s the truth. Sometimes we are driven so low that we question God. We question his plans for our life. We even question our existence when we say why was I ever born, as Job did.

Sometimes we are put in positions where we feel God has left us and forgotten about us, and we say “Lord, do you see me, do you hear me, where are you Lord?” And then the ultimate loneliness occurs when we are driven to our lowest with problems and we say Lord, why me?

Some of us think that we are not to question God, but sometimes that is the only time some people even talk to him. We are sons and daughters of God and heirs to Jesus Christ. Didn’t he, even Jesus in his last days say to the Father, why has though forsaken me? Jesus said these words and he was the Son of God. Yes, even Jesus had a question for his Father; so why do we not think we can’t ask a question or two?

But I’m here to tell you because I am a firm believer of this: God sits high and he looks low and he see us for our good works and faithfulness toward him. He sees every tear that is shed for his name sake; he sees every person who has wronged us, to gain; he sees every hurt and pain we have experienced because of wrongdoings.

Yes, God sees it and he knows it. In his Word, he said “there will be nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” He said it doesn’t matter what lies are spoken against us (his children) in the closet or in someone’s ears (behind closed doors or in secret), it will be brought to the light when the truth is revealed.

He said it will be proclaimed or heard on the rooftops, meaning that it will go out so that all will hear and know of the dirty deeds of the evil ones. And today with social media and the cell phone, it won’t take a week to be spread around. God said he will repay them (the evil one) for the dirty deeds they have done against his children.

So you who feel God has deserted you, not so. He is working on our case, even when we feel he has left us alone. In his word, he told us to do not fret when evil doers seems to be getting ahead or are successful; do not fret when they seem to be prospering.

God said don’t fret because of evil doers or be envious of their iniquity (injustice), for they will be cut down as the grass and wither. God has assured his faithful children, in his Word that our day is coming and we will rewarded. God is an all-powerful God and even though we forget, he forgets not. He said he will make us (his children) the head and not the tail, and this, I believe.

 Beverly Gibson is a Ferriday resident.