Flyover asset for economic development

Published 12:07 am Sunday, December 8, 2013

As construction of the highway flyover nears completion, so does a rare chapter in Natchez’s history. Perhaps never before has so much state highway money flowed into Natchez.

Over several years, three of Natchez’s key intersections were reworked by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

In each case, the work was begun under the watchful eye of former MDOT executive director and current Natchez mayor Butch Brown.

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While some locals may have poked fun at the work and questioned the logic of it — and perhaps some of the landscaping at one intersection was overkill since it ultimately had to be removed — Natchez is better off with the new intersections.

The investment into Natchez’s infrastructure will continue to be felt for years and years to come.

The flyover is easily the most comprehensive rebuild of the three intersections. It’s also the work that most impacted nearby businesses.

Brown says the completed work should help promote economic development in the area. Logic tells us he’s correct, but only time will tell for sure.