Crime reports: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014

Published 12:05 am Thursday, February 27, 2014


Natchez Police Department

Arrests —Wednesday

Tommy A. Wells, 43, 1638 Azalea Drive, Vidalia, on charges of four counts of contempt of court. Bond set at $2,242.

Arrests — Tuesday

Tiwon T. Gooden, 43, 305 W. Vidal St., on a charge of shoplifting. Bond set at $726.

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Richard T. Norman III, 21, 118 Briarwood Ave., on a charge of contempt of court for default in payment. Bond set at $623.

Larry D. Griffin Jr., 22, 72 Auburn Ave., on a charge of disturbing the peace. No bond set.

Reports — Tuesday

Intoxicated person on Woodlawn Avenue.

Burglary alarm on D’Evereux Drive.

Burglary alarm on Broadway Street.

Domestic violence on McNeely Road.

School/traffic control on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Burglary alarm on Homochitto Street.

Petit larceny on D’Evereux Drive.

Disturbance on U.S. 61 North.

Escort on the Mississippi River bridge.

Intelligence report on Homochitto Street.

Petit larceny on Wall Street.

Intelligence report on John R. Junkin Drive.

Accident on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Accident on D’Evereux Drive.

Petit larceny on D’Evereux Drive.

Disturbance on Lower Woodville Road.

Escort on U.S. 61 South.

Intelligence report on D’Evereux Drive.

Assisting motorist on Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

Shoplifting on Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

Stand by on Park Place.

Disturbance on St. Catherine Street.

Burglary alarm on Melrose-Montebello Parkway.

Accident on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Arrest on Lower Woodville Road.

Two reports of loitering on Daisy Street.

Harassment on Union Street.

Disturbance on Woodlawn Avenue.

Civil matter on Simmons Street.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Arrests — Wednesday

Lorenzo Tenner, 29, 6780 Stampley Road, Fayette, on a charge of probation violation. No bond set.

Arrests —Tuesday

Labrosky Jermaine Williams, 32, 343 N. West St., Canton, on a charge of driving under suspension. Bond set at $1,000.

Christopher Garry McGehee, 31, 186 Ogden Road, on charges of felony malicious mischief and burglary of a vehicle. No bond set.

Levi Dee Jr., 47, 302 Cherokee St., on a charge of simple assault. Released on $1,000 bond.

Reports — Wednesday

Patrolling area on Chinkapin Drive.

Traffic stop on Old U.S. 84 No. 1.

Two traffic stops on U.S. 84.

Escort on North Pearl Street.

Intelligence report on Second Street.

Escort on Morgantown Road.

Burglary on U.S. 61 North.

Loose livestock on Upper Kingston Road.

Two traffic stops on U.S. 61 North.

Accident on Lower Woodville Road.

Intelligence report on U.S. 61 North.

Reports — Tuesday

Intelligence report on Ogden Road.

Alarm on Lower Woodville Road.

Harassment on Country Club Drive.

Juvenile problem on Melanie Road.

Petit larceny on West Sulinda Drive.

Traffic stop on U.S. 61 South.

Threats on Melanie Road.

Patrolling area on Steamplant Road.

Shots fired on McNeil Road.

Traffic stop on Palestine Road.

Intelligence report on State Street.

Disturbance on Coventry Road.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office

Arrests —Wednesday

Michael W. Watson, 48, 397 Eagle Road, Vidalia, sentenced to pay additional $10,000 bond per Judge Strong.

Stacy G. Jefferson, 28, 123 Margaret Circle No. 20, Clayton, sentenced to 60 days jail or $1,247 for simple battery, resisting an officer and remaining on premises.

Mechelle M. Sommersville, 31, 102 McCranney Road, Clayton, sentenced to 20 days jail or $509 for speeding and no driver’s license on person.

Lori H. Book, 47, 193 Maple Drive, Jonesville, sentenced to 60 days jail for driving under suspension to run concurrent with 2010 sentence of driving while intoxicated in Catahoula.

Dan Tyler Jr., 34, 27695 Louisiana 15, Ferriday, sentenced to 30 days jail $738 for expired license plate, no insurance and expired motor vehicle inspection.

Ernest W. Smith, 56, 511 S. 6th St., Ferriday, sentenced to 20 days jail or $271.50 for no driver’s license on person.

Charles L. Everette II, 24, 902 Martin Luther King Drive, Jonesville, sentenced to 30 days jail or $909.50 for speeding, driving under suspension (two counts) and no insurance.

Arrests — Tuesday

Daniel Sepuvaldo, 31, 437 Overlook Road, Zwolle, on a charge of cyberstalking. Bond set at $10,000.

Dervelle Barnes, 27, 26356 Louisiana 15, Ferriday, on a charge of introduction of contraband into a penal facility. Bond set at $20,000.

Kirk A. Meredith, 25, 140 Cotton St., Wisner, on a bench warrant for failure to appear to pay fines for possession of CDS II with intent. Bond set at $1,150.

Reports — Wednesday

Theft on U.S. 84.

Reports — Tuesday

Alarms on U.S. 84.

Extra patrol on Donald Drive.

Unwanted subject on Cowan Street.

Threats on Louisiana 15.

Auto accident on U.S. 84.

Break in on Shady Acres Circle.

Shoplifting on U.S. 84.

Animal nuisance on Hammett Addition Circle.

Unwanted person on Doty Gardens Circle.

Theft on Loomis Lane.

Theft walk-in report at CPSO.

Alarms on Louisiana 129.

Loose horses on Fisherman Drive.

Vidalia Police Department

No arrests

Reports — Wednesday

Red light on Carter Street.

Stop sign violation and no turn signal on Carter Street.

Reports — Tuesday

Vehicle damage on Elm Street.

Public assistance on Dogwood Drive.

Hit and run near Vidalia Total Fitness.

Medical emergency on Martin Luther King Avenue.

Careless operation on eastbound Mississippi River bridge.

Red light violation at Sprint Mart.

Red light violation at Subway parking lot.

Natchez Fire Department

No calls.

Vidalia Fire Department

Medical call on Martin Luther King Avenue.

Ferriday Fire Department

No calls.

Concordia Fire District No.2

No calls.