Dead gator found at Vidalia Riverfront

Published 12:08 am Friday, April 4, 2014

VIDALIA — Vidalia Police Department officials responded to a call of an alligator on the Vidalia Riverfront Thursday afternoon, only to find the six-foot creature dead.

VPD assistant police chief Bruce Wiley said he ventured to one of the boat ramps at the Vidalia Riverfront at approximately 2:10 p.m. Thursday and found an alligator lying in a washout.

After moving closer to the animal, Wiley said he saw a large piece of rock or concrete had fallen on the alligator’s head.

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The six-foot alligator died from being crushed, Wiley said, and VPD officials don’t suspect any foul play.

Wiley said he contacted Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to see if they wanted to recover the alligator’s body, but the agency declined. The alligator’s body will remain on the Riverfront.