Water to brag about makes Natchez proud

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Natchez has a long history of being a top-notch place, unique to the rest of the world.

That was true for the fascinating culture of the Natchez Indians and continued to be true as Europeans settled in the area.

Few other places in Mississippi can claim such a diverse background and culture. Even our list of visitors includes celebrities from all walks of life. Those visitors range from Gen. Andrew Jackson to Henry Ford and even rock legend Mick Jagger.

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Practically all the world over, people know of Natchez for its pre-Civil War history and for good reason. With hundreds of antebellum structures still standing, Natchez’s beauty shines through quite brightly.

Natchez is so unique, one might question if something special is in the water here. As crazy as it sounds, we learned last week that is, in fact, the case.

The Mississippi Rural Water Association judged Natchez’s water the best in the state last month.

That’s quite an accomplishment and one for which residents should take pride and a sense of security.

Many other parts of the world struggle with clean water access. We’re blessed with an abundance of it.

More important, city residents have a dedicated group of Natchez Water Works employees who take pride in working hard to keep that water flowing and in the purest form.

Congratulations to the Natchez Water Works’ team on the honor and for giving us all another top-notch thing to the list of great things about Natchez.