NACHS thankful for area support

Published 12:06 am Friday, April 18, 2014

The calendar may say April, but for the Natchez Adams County Humane Society, our hearts are so full of thanksgiving that I’m convinced it must be November.

We have so many to thank, it is hard to find where to start.

I have shared with you before our transport program. In 15 months, we have successfully transported nearly 1,000 puppies and dogs to receiving shelters, primarily in Florida.

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But the program was in danger of not continuing because of the transportation itself. We had been relying on renting vans, but our local source closed, and we were faced with the decision of whether or not we could continue.

Enter a small group of donors and a supportive local car dealership that allowed us to purchase a used van of our own. The dealership fixed it up and made sure it was running right.

That, along with the outright donation of a second van, saved this program. We’ve even gotten the gas donated. This has allowed us to continue saving lives, and our hearts.

Because of this program, our euthanasia rate has dropped from nearly 60 percent in 2012 to less than 21 percent in 2013, and most of that 21 percent was only for those that were ill or injured, not because we didn’t have room for them.

We thank those donors from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this program and helping us to change the lives of our animals and those future families who will adopt these sweet puppies.

We also want to thank our community for all the support we get in most unexpected ways. Leadership Natchez recently hosted their charity kickball tournament, and several worthy organizations were selected to receive support.

Because of their efforts, NACHS received a check for $5,950! That money will go a long way toward supporting our daily operations. We cannot begin to say thank you enough for such a huge boost to our budget.

The Pedigree Foundation recently selected our grant application from all those received in Mississippi to fund $10,000.  That is $5,000 in food and $5,000 in much needed repairs to our shelter and quarantine shelter buildings.

More than just funds for the repairs, they are also sending the manpower to help do the work. We’re also counting on support from our community in the form of volunteers.

If you can help on April 26, go and complete an application.

Can’t swing a hammer? Also on April 26 is RiverStock. The organizers contacted us a few months back and let us know that part of the day’s festivities would include a pet show with all the proceeds, basically the registration fees, going directly to the NACHS building fund.

All we needed to do was provide a few volunteers and spread the word so we could have a lot of participants. The pet show will have the same contests that we have during Bark in the Park, as well a picture contest, so we’ll be looking for best smile, best tag wag, most talented, cutest puppy, and best owner lookalike. Please come and join us.

Lastly, several months ago, we also opened Paws for a Cause thrift store. We’ve been adequately stocked and sales have been great since Day One, and that is all because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s amazing how much stuff people can clean out!

All of this has left us with grateful hearts and a lack of adequate words to express that. If I could digress just one minute, I’d like to direct you back to one thing I said earlier. We transported almost 1,000 puppies in 15 months — 1,000 unwanted lives, 1,000 innocent lives.

There is no reason to have unwanted litters. Please have your pets spayed or neutered. Not having to transport any puppies, or to have our new shelter building be completely empty, would be the greatest gift and the most thankful situation in which we could find ourselves.

The surgery is a simple one and relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of having the litter itself.

So, to all of you that support our efforts, in any way, shape or form, we say thank you.


Deanne Tanksley is a Natchez Adams County Humane Society board member.