County pilot recycling program on target to meet goal

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NATCHEZ — Adams County’s pilot recycling program is apparently on target to meet its long-term residential participation goal.

Green Alliance President Jim Smith updated the Adams County Board of Supervisors about the program this week.

The 500-bin pilot program began three weeks ago, with 180 bins delivered to neighborhoods south of the Natchez city limits and the rest delivered in the Morgantown area.

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Initial participation rates were approximately 23-percent of households, a rate higher than that of the initial participation in the launch of the City of Natchez’s recycling program last summer.

The 15-year goal of the program is to achieve 85-percent participation.

Smith said the current rate of participation is on target to eventually reach that goal based on the early participation.

County officials have previously said they will expand to another 500 households in the fall if the pilot recycling program proves to be successful.

For the 4,000 residences in Adams County that are too remote for the curbside recycling program to be economically feasible, drop-off locations in the Foster Mound and Kingston areas are being considered.