Kossum resigns as NHS baseball coach

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NATCHEZ — The 2013-2014 school year will end bittersweet for head baseball coach Brian Kossum, as he will resign from Natchez High School at the end of the year.

Kossum, a Natchez native, graduated from Natchez High in 2004. He said he knew since his first year in college he wanted to return to his alma mater and become a part of the team again.

“From my first day of college, my plan was to be the baseball coach at Natchez and it was exciting it happened for me so early in my career and in two years, it’s kind of gone,” Kossum said.

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Kossum said the last thing he wanted to do was leave a team that he has developed a bond with.

“My first thoughts (once I found out) are for my players,” Kossum said. “Anytime you go out and spend that amount of time with kids and they sweat and bleed for you, it’s hard to leave,”

More importantly, Kossum is thinking about the possibility of having to move his family from their hometown in search for another coaching position.

“I’m definitely trying to stay in the coaching field,” Kossum said. “I want to stay in this area because my family is here. I put in a few applications, I’m just waiting to hear back.”

Kossum said no matter where he ends up, he would always have Bulldog pride.

“A small piece of my heart is always here,” Kossum said. “When the decision was made, a lot of emotion was in me as I gave that to the kids, but I know they’re going to be OK and enjoy their time at Natchez High.

“I’ll even try to come and watch a few games next season.”

Kossum said he was forced to resign because of circumstances outside of his control.

Natchez High principal Fred Butcher and athletic manager Beatrice Collins refused to comment on the resignation, but Collins said the school is currently taking applications for the position.