Trinity’s Mosby shines at Ole Miss camp

Published 12:03 am Thursday, June 19, 2014

NATCHEZ — Cole Mosby went to the Ole Miss Tennis Camp looking to learn a few things, but the Trinity Episcopal Day School rising sophomore ended up doing the schooling.

Mosby traveled to Ole Miss’ tennis camp and said he took back a lot of tips and the fundamentals he can’t wait to implement next year at Trinity.

“We learned how to use our form and once you got that down, you’re able to expand your game to a higher caliber,” Mosby said. “It was a lot of repetition to gain more power. Whatever you wanted to add to your game, you got to choose what you wanted to work on.

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“With the drills, you had maybe 10 people in a group and you tell the coaches what you wanted to work on and they would help you.”

Mosby said he spent a lot of time working on the placement of his shots and the camp helped him out a lot.

The mandatory tournament at the end of the camp was separated into three groups, Mosby said, the A group, B group and C group.

“The A and B groups were the kids with the top skill level, and I was picked to be in the A group,” he said. “It made me feel confident in my game and gave me more experience with people who play different styles of tennis.”

Mosby played three singles matches and two doubles matches with Trinity player Grant Faulkenheiner.

The two weren’t doubles partners during the season, and Mosby said it showed when they played against doubles teams who already had chemistry established.

Mosby won all three of his singles matches, and he said he liked the challenge that each set brought.

“I think I played very well,” Mosby said. “There were challenges like some people came close to the net to volley, some just crushed the ball and some just played back and it gave me all the challenges that I was looking for.”

Mosby, who also won the 2014 Class A No. 1 singles state championship in May, said one thing he learned and will share with his Trinity teammates the right mindset while playing a match.

“Don’t think about who you’re playing or if you’ve lost to them before, just go out and play like you normally play,” he said. “You’ll lose some and win some, but if you think about it too much, you’re going to mess up.”