Kossum joins Monterey baseball staff

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MONTEREY — Former Natchez High School baseball coach Brian Kossum will make the transition from Bulldog to Wolf next baseball season as Monterey High School’s newest assistant coach.

Kossum resigned as Natchez head coach in May. Coaching Natchez was a dream of Kossum’s since graduating from Natchez High in 2001, and though his run as baseball head coach ended bittersweet, Kossum said he wanted to stay in the area.

“I’ve been trying to find a job in the area all summer,” Kossum said. “Luckily, Monterey had an opening on their coaching staff.”

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Kossum said baseball talk with head coach Eric Richard has been put on hold because of his adjustment and preparation in the classroom. Instead of coaching 10th grade world history like he did in Natchez, Kossum will serve as Monterey’s physical education teacher.

Though the specifics of Kossum’s assistant coaching duties are unknown, Richard said he would use Kossum for the many resources he provides.

“Being a former head coach, he’s very knowledgeable,” Richard said. “This was an important hire because I just lost my assistant in Billy Wallace, so I did not have an assistant going into the school year.”

Kossum views the new hire as an opportunity to stay local and teach the game that he loves, turning the page in his coaching career to bigger and better things.

“Natchez was my spot, and that’s why I wanted to coach there so badly,” Kossum said. “I was disappointed leaving there, but I don’t think it could have worked out any better. Something better always pops up, and I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than with Monterey.”