Trails project unifying all residents

Published 12:41 am Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take a stroll along the Natchez bluffs and something amazing happens — you can see Natchez’s community come together on a narrow band of fence-lined concrete.

Beyond the fence is one of America’s great natural wonders, the mighty Mississippi River.

For decades, Natchez’s bluff wasn’t much to look at, but the 2011 official opening of the Natchez Trails set into motion a sea of change on the river’s edge.

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With decorative fencing and a smooth, wheelchair or stroller ready trail surface, the Trails have done something unique and a little rare — unite Natchez residents and visitors from all walks of life.

Young, old, black, white, rich, poor, the Trails simultaneously attract and illustrate Natchez’s diversity.

We applaud the work to bring another special layer to the Trails project — the soaring Bridge of Sighs to be constructed over Roth Hill Road.

Last week, city leaders reported construction of the bridge should begin in a few weeks. The bridge will give Trails visitors a special view of the spectacular perch Natchez enjoys overlooking the America’s greatest river.

We hope and expect that, when complete, the Bridge of Sighs simply will make an already great Natchez attraction even better.