Evidence may lead to killer of Monterey man

Published 12:03 am Friday, October 3, 2014

MONTEREY — Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office investigators say they hope additional evidence found in the car and house of a 63-year-old Monterey man will lead to his killer.

CPSO Chief Deputy David Hedrick said more evidence was being delivered to a crime lab in Shreveport Thursday in hopes of getting a lead into finding out who killed Wisner native John Perritt at his Eloise Road house in Monterey.

Last week, evidence collected from Perritt’s car was delivered to the lab, but the results didn’t produce sufficient leads, Hedrick said.

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Additional evidence from the car, which was found across the river in Natchez last week, as well as items from the victim’s house were delivered to the crime lab Thursday for processing.

“There was more DNA evidence in the car and in the house that we really wanted to get looked at,” Hedrick said. “Our detectives are plain worn out for working this case, but they’re continuing to chase down leads and investigate every angle of it.”

Hedrick said two suspects were interrogated last week. Their DNA was also sent to the crime lab to see if it matched up with any of the evidence from the scene of the crime.

Hedrick declined to release further details of the suspects or more information about the case, including Perritt’s cause of death, for fear it would endanger the remainder of the investigation.

“We do want the people of Concordia Parish to know that we feel like this crime was specific to this person,” Hedrick said. “We still want everyone to be alert of their surroundings and inform us of any suspicious activity, but we don’t believe this was a random killing of any sort.”

Perritt was last seen at 9:01 a.m. Sept. 18 at the Dodge Store in Vidalia, Hedrick said.

Perritt was found dead at his house Sept. 22 where his body had apparently been for at least four days.

A friend was grading a road near the house, Hedrick said, and called police after the man smelled something foul and saw a blanket with what appeared to be a human foot sticking out from beneath.

The decomposition of Perritt’s body required an autopsy by the Louisiana Forensics Center in Lafayette to help determine an exact identification, Hedrick said.

Concordia Parish Sheriff Kenneth Hedrick said increased patrols were ordered in the Monterey area for the safety of residents until a suspect in the case is identified and apprehended.

“We’re asking that residents contact the sheriff’s office immediately if they hear or see anything suspicious they think might deal with this case,” Sheriff Hedrick said. “We want to be there for this parish and solve this thing, but this is just one of those cases that’s going to take a little time.

“Our deputies and investigators are working tirelessly to see this thing comes to an end.”

Anyone with knowledge of the crime is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office at 318-336-5231.