New DUI law could have major impact

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A new Mississippi law aims to use technology to replace a bit of common sense.

The new law requires anyone convicted of driving under the influence to have an ignition interlock device installed if they seek to drive in the months following their conviction.

The device will not allow their car’s ignition to start until the driver blows into a machine to determine if the driver is under the influence again.

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The new law is trying to catch people who may have a significant drinking problem before they drive drunk.

Purchase and installation of the interlock devices will be up to the convicted drunk driver, not the state.

Like many such things, the law seems like it would make a huge impact, but only time will tell if that occurs or not.

If even one life were saved, the system would be worth it.

However, it seems a long shot that most people convicted of DUI will shell out more money to drive their cars legally, particularly when they’ve already broken traffic laws before.

The only hope for making a widespread difference would be if all auto manufacturers agreed to build the interlock systems into their new cars.

But that’s likely not to happen without someone making them do it.