Watchful eye beneficial for taxpayers

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Satellite technology will put Adams County taxpayers’ collective eye in the sky and with it, bring a bit more accountability to public workers.

Adams County Supervisors agreed to launch a test program that will use Global Positioning Satellite technology to help keep track of public vehicles and along with them, the men and women driving those vehicles.

The idea is simple. By using GPS tracking devices, authorized county leaders would be able to track exactly which vehicles — including county tractors, motor graders and the like — were in use, when they were idle and where those vehicles were driven.

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For a few thousand dollars each year, taxpayers will have the peace of mind knowing that their elected leaders can help say with authority that the grass was last cut on this road one week ago or that an employee who said he was going one place actually went another.

If the test proves moderately accurate, we encourage the county to insist they be installed in all county vehicles — including sheriff’s office vehicles.

If the system works well, we’d encourage the City of Natchez to consider doing the same.

Sure, it may seem as if Big Brother is watching, but is it so bad if Big Brother is what’s needed to protect the public’s own interest?