Good news aplenty last week in area

Published 12:05 am Monday, October 27, 2014

Members of our community were honored for their service while others asked for assistance to help those in need last week in the Miss-Lou.

Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a minute to look back at some of the highlights from last week:

• Paulette Delaney is asking Natchez residents to help families in Kenya, Africa, develop as a community through the donation of used shoes. Delaney and HeartHidden Ministries is conducting a shoe drive in Natchez and the surrounding areas until the end of December. The shoes will be distributed to affiliates in Africa that will help impoverished people start, maintain and grow a business opportunity to sell the shoes and provide for their families. The Natchez drop-off location is in the Trace Town Shopping Center parking lot behind the McDonald’s. We hope the community will go through their closets and make a donation.

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• Glenda Wilson received recognition for her work with the Child’s Advocacy Center at the Natchez Children’s Home Services by earning the first Adams County Sheriff’s Star Award. The CAC gives victims of child abuse one location where they can tell their stories and be assisted by a variety of agencies, instead of having them relive the abuse multiple times at different agencies. Wilson and the staff at the CAC have helped the ACSO bring eight sexual crime cases against children to justice. We thank Wilson for helping the young victims who often cannot speak for themselves.

• Third-grade students in schools throughout Natchez received their own dictionary through a service project by the Rotary Club of Natchez. Members of the club visit the local schools, distribute one dictionary to each student in the class and tell the students what exactly it means to be a Rotarian. We thank the club for its work in our schools.

Let’s keep the good news coming as we begin another week in the Miss-Lou.