Brown is best qualified candidate

Published 12:04 am Friday, October 31, 2014

Editor’s note: The Natchez Democrat only accepted submissions supporting candidates by Oct. 28.

As lifelong residents of Natchez and Adams County and as friends of Walt Brown, we write this letter on behalf of his campaign for County Court and Youth Court Judge. Brown is a lifelong resident of Adams County. He is not a newcomer. He is an experienced trial attorney and has spent his entire career in civil and criminal law practice in our community.

We voice our support for Brown because we believe in his ability and integrity and his commitment to safeguard and protect the families of Adams County. He has spent his whole career doing just that.

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The choosing of a judge is a serious responsibility of all citizens. As we all know, the county court judge has two responsibilities: first to conduct trials, both civil and criminal, in the county court, and second to act as the youth court judge. The latter of which requires maturity, experience and good temperament in dealing with the young people of our community who, at a critical age, find themselves in the judicial system.

Brown has practiced law in Adams County for over 24 years. He certainly has the experience in both civil and criminal law to make an excellent judge. His record speaks for itself as an assistant district attorney as well as previously as a private attorney active in all of our local, state and federal courts.

The duties of the county court judge serving as the youth court judge are just as important as the judge’s other duties. Brown has worked with young people in the classroom as a speaker and as an adjunct instructor at Copiah-Lincoln Community College. Brown has coached youth sports and high school mock trial teams, and has served on foundations and scholarship committees encouraging academic as well as athletic skills and achievement.

He and Lashon (also a lifelong resident of Natchez) are the proud parents of two daughters, Abby, who is 16, and Faith Anne, who is 12. As a parent, he is committed to the fostering and preservation of family and spiritual values which will help and guide him in serving as youth court judge.

So that takes us back to the basic question that all voters should consider for any election and especially for a judge. Who best has the experience, maturity, temperament and integrity to serve as our county court judge? We respectfully submit that person is Brown. We hope you will agree and go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Brown.


Tony Byrne

Committee to elect Walt Brown