Voter apathy growing out of control

Published 12:05 am Thursday, November 6, 2014

If Tuesday’s election were a fifth-grade math quiz, the voters of Adams County and Concordia Parish would have failed.

That’s correct. Neither side of the river would receive passing marks for their simple, but important task — voting.

In Adams County, just more than 40 percent of the registered voters in the county made the effort to go to the polls and cast their votes.

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Concordia Parish earned slightly higher marks with approximately 48 percent of registered voters making the simple effort.

Voter apathy has gotten to the point where, believe it or not, some of us were happy, that’s right, happy that only six out of 10 voters were lazy on Tuesday.

Adams County Election Commission Larry Gardner summed up his feelings well by saying the low turnout was simply “disconcerting.”

He’s correct. In addition to selecting one of only two U.S. Senators as their representatives, voters also selected two key judge spots.

In the parish, the Seventh Judicial District Court Judge is one that overseas all felony matters and many other civil and criminal cases.

Adams County voters were selecting the judge who will oversee children and youth matters, along with some county cases, as well.

All of this is important stuff, worthy of our attention and the few minutes it takes to vote.

America is a great country, one in which we have the right to have a say in our government, but it’s only important if we all take the time to get involved and make a choice. Otherwise, we’re letting just a few select people decide how our government runs. If you know someone who didn’t vote Tuesday, tell them how important it is and urge them to go to the polls next time they’re open.