Veterans deserve our thanks today

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 11, 2014

If time were money, and a year were worth a single dollar, the annual investment America gives its military veterans would be approximately half a single cent.

That’s counting both Memorial Day and today, Veterans Day in the mix.

It’s a bit sad in a way that we as a country don’t pay more homage to the men and women who put on a uniform and vow to defend our country’s interests to the death, if necessary.

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The first Veterans Day was commemorated in 1919 as Armistice Day, following the end of World War I.

From those early days through World War II, then on to the Korean and Vietnam wars, through the more modern wars on terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and abroad, America’s military continues to be the bravest, strongest and most successful fighting force in the world.

But many of us make a huge mistake by simply taking them for granted. We forget that each night as we go to sleep in relative peace and quiet, men and women are up and alert, at a constant state of readiness should they be needed to defend our country at home. Abroad, Americans do the same, but the stakes are usually higher and casualties more common.

As a country and a community, let’s vow to reduce our apathy toward our nation’s veterans. That can start today by simply saying, “Thank you for your service,” to each and every veteran you know or that you meet.

We’ll never say “thank you” enough to pay the debt of gratitude that we owe them all, but if we start now, maybe our veterans can at least feel more appreciated.