Woodville set for new gas line

Published 12:08 am Thursday, November 13, 2014

WOODVILLE — The Town of Woodville has a tentative solution to the impending closure of the pipeline that provides natural gas to the area.

American Midstream, the owners of the 1920s vintage Midla pipeline from Monroe to Baton Rouge, had announced its intention to abandon the line earlier this year.

After several months of negotiations with municipalities and state and federal regulators, the company announced it would replace the 8-inch line from Winnsboro to Natchez with a 12-inch line that allows for greater service, including industrial customers.

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Those on the line in Louisiana who had not been included in the portion to be replaced had been given alternative hookups.

The Mississippi portion of the line, however, was still in question.

But Woodville Mayor Gary D’Aquilla said Wednesday the town has arranged to tap into the Texas Eastern line that supplies the Town of Centreville.

“We were able to negotiate, and they are going to take care of the tap fees for us, and that saves us a lot of money,” D’Aquilla said. “The fees would have cost us and Centreville approximately $250,000 each.”

The mayor said the process will take approximately six months to complete all of the legal work, and until everything is complete Woodville will continue to receive its gas service from American Midstream.

Those involved in the discussions included Woodville Utility Superintendent Nolan Thompson, town attorney Amy Ryan and Town Clerk Cathy McCurley.

D’Aquilla said Centreville Mayor Larry Lee, Utility Superintendent John White and attorney Gene Horn also played key roles in the discussions.