City development code changes recommended

Published 12:05 am Friday, November 21, 2014

NATCHEZ — Proposed changes were recommended for the City of Natchez’s development code Thursday during the Natchez Planning Commission meeting.

The development code, which controls land development within the city limits, is expected to become easier to use, City Planner Frankie Legaux said.

“We revised the code and waited for graphics to come in to add to the code,” Legaux said. “One of the big things we wanted to add was charts, tables and pictures to the code to illustrate something.”

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The code is being changed to more everyday English, so individuals can understand the code more, said assistant city planner Riccardo Giani. Images have been inserted into the definition section so the public can understand certain terms better.

“The old code had a list of uses under each section written out, and then we had a chart that said the uses and what zoning districts they were in,” Legaux said. “You could look under the uses and look under the chart, and they were two different things.”

The Board of Aldermen must approve the revised Natchez development code before it can go into effect.

The public can view the code in the planning office located in City Hall. The code will be placed online once the new City of Natchez website goes forward.

The following applications were also approved during the meeting.

4Approval for antenna modifications on the existing telecommunications tower on 3 O’Ferrall St.

4Approval for Bed and Breakfast on 221 Linton Ave. upon providing license to operate a business in the City of Natchez. Planning board members said parking may be a problem since various events on the street take up the road.

4Approval for Variance to side and rear setback for storage building on 200 Linton Ave.