Help us blanket our homeless residents

Published 1:02 am Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adams County has no homeless shelter. Imagine being out in the elements during the winter storms that we experienced last year.

It’s enough to give anyone the chills. Our homeless may be disenfranchised from services and prefer to be left alone, but they are still human beings. It is not our place to judge, yet it is our duty to help. In the spirit of holiday giving, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is kicking off Blanketing the County, an effort to provide the homeless in Adams County with warm blankets, tarps and winter clothing.

If your organization would like to consider participating in Blanketing the County, first think about why it’s important. Participating in a local effort to assist the homeless in our community, strengthens the national endeavor to end these social ills. Assisting the local homeless can help build your community and leadership skills while fostering a greater understanding among your friends and peers, clients and co-workers about homelessness and the needy right here in Adams County.

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The Adams County Sheriff’s Office encourages you to approach a community leader, clergy or school administrator about participating in Blanketing the County.

Together we can work to give warmth and comfort to those who need it most. Here’s how it will work: Your organization will gather and accept donations of new or clean blankets, tarps, tents, warm clothing, etc.

Your organization will then call the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, and we will send a representative to pick up the donated goods. Our deputies will then distribute these goods to the homeless.

Planning is important. Begin by enlisting interested individuals, outlining and planning a drop off spot for donations and getting the word out. You can plan a one day event or a week or month long campaign for gathering donations. The more you spread the word, the better your efforts will go.

If you are interested in participating in Blanketing the County, please call me, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, at our main number 601-442-2752. If you have any information about homeless individuals whom you believe need our help, please let us know at the same number.

Have a safe holiday season.


Courtney Taylor is the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer.