Keep your dollars local this season

Published 12:05 am Friday, November 28, 2014

For many of us, today is a workday, simply the day after Thanksgiving.

However, for increasing numbers, Black Friday has become a holiday itself, heralding the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

If you are beginning your day mapping out shopping strategies, please remember this: Shopping at home benefits all in our community.

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Wednesday, Thursday and today’s editions of The Democrat have been heftier than usual, filled to the brim with the offerings of Miss-Lou businesses.

Retailers here have invested much time and many resources in stocking their shelves and getting their businesses ready to serve you this holiday. They have put on their holiday finest and planned special hours and events to make your holiday shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.

When you spend your holiday shopping dollars at home, you support local employment and a healthy local economy. When we shop at home, local businesses thrive, our tax base increases and those tax dollars relate to benefits for all in the community.

When you spend your money at home, businesses are able to invest further and offer you more of the products and services you seek — all here at home.

Keeping your dollars in our community pays your family a multitude of benefits in the long run.

Have fun and be safe as you whittle away at your Christmas list this season and please shop at home.