County leaders look to give back with ‘Pack the Pickup’ drive

Published 12:11 am Monday, December 8, 2014

NATCHEZ — Politicians are often accused of being interested in nothing more than their ability to tax and spend, but next Tuesday, Adams County leaders are asking area residents to shop and give.

The Adams County Board of Supervisors is taking up for the second year a charitable mantle in the name of stocking the shelves of the Natchez Stewpot with its “Pack the Pickup” drive.

The five supervisors will each lead a team of county employees and elected officials who have volunteered their time outside the county’s grocery stores Dec. 16.

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Before area residents enter the store, the supervisors will ask them to buy an item or two for the Stewpot, the organization that provides free, hot meals to anyone who needs them.

“We are looking for any kind of canned good, any kind of non-perishables, really anything that can help the Stewpot,” said Supervisor Mike Lazarus, who first suggested the program last year.

“They had a program similar to that in Jackson, and last year I just wanted to try it and see what we could do, and it turned out to be extremely successful.”

The 2013 drive helped the supervisors deliver three pickup trucks full of non-perishables — approximately $7,000 worth — and $633 in cash.

“All of the folks who joined us volunteered their time to get out there and do it, and it was a fun event,” Lazarus said. “The next day, we all got together and delivered it to the Stewpot.

“I hope this year we have so much food they won’t have a place to put it all this year — that would be a good problem to have.”

Lazarus also said he wanted to issue a challenge to the Natchez Board of Aldermen to take up the cause and try to out-raise the Supervisors.