Ferriday man charged in knife fight

Published 12:11 am Wednesday, December 10, 2014

FERRIDAY — A Ferriday man was arrested Monday on a charge of attempted second-degree battery after he allegedly attacked a friend who made a joke he didn’t appreciate.

Chauncey Ambrose Skipper, 50, 607 Eighth Street, Ferriday, was arrested and charged on a bench warrant for attempted second-degree murder, disturbing the peace, aggravated battery and obstruction of justice.

Ferriday Police Chief Derrick Freeman said Skipper and a friend got into an altercation in early September at Skipper’s house after the friend made a joke that upset him.

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“The joke was apparently that upsetting that Skipper went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and went towards the victim swinging the knife around trying to cut him,” Freeman said. “Skipper eventually cut the victim on his wrist and stabbed him in the leg.”

Moments later, Skipper allegedly came back into the house wearing a ski mask and wielding a meat cleaver as he threatened the victim again.

“I don’t know what the joke was exactly, but it must have been something serious to evoke that kind of response,” Freeman said. “It’s a ridiculous and unfortunate situation.”

Freeman said warrants were issued for Skipper’s arrest shortly after the Sept. 6 incident, and Ferriday Police Department officers were able to catch and arrest Skipper at his home Monday.

No bond had been set for Skipper as of Tuesday evening.