The Democrat delivers gift to local residents

Published 12:11 am Saturday, December 13, 2014

NATCHEZ — Today’s newspaper just might take a little while longer to enjoy, but if you act on a great deal it offers, you might share in $3,000 in prize money.

If you found this newspaper unexpectedly, you’ve just received an early Christmas gift. If you regularly receive the newspaper, you might notice the newspaper is a bit bigger than most Saturday editions.

This morning, The Natchez Democrat offers up The Gift to residents all across the Miss-Lou.

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The Gift is a Christmas gift filled with news and information about our community.

For new readers, The Gift is a sample of what you may be missing each week.

Both new and existing readers can also participate in our Christmas Cash contest, but you must act quickly as the deadline for participation is Monday.

To enter simply call our circulation staff at 601-445-3556 or stop by the newspaper on Monday. Subscribing or renewing for a year earns 13 entries in the contest, a six-month subscription or renewal earns six chances. A purchase isn’t necessary and anyone may enter the contest.

Subscribing allows local residents not to miss a single issue or important community news item.

“As The Democrat celebrates its 150th year delivering news and entertainment to the Natchez area, we’re excited by the future,” said publisher Kevin Cooper. “That future includes each of you so today is a way of saying, ‘Thank you.’

“We love Natchez, Adams County, Vidalia and the surrounding areas and want everyone in the region to realize what 8 out of 10 residents already know — they can depend on The Democrat for great news coverage and amazing shopping deals from local businesses who advertise with us.”

The Democrat’s staff worked hard to provide a sample of some of the types of news that are featured throughout a regular week of coverage — including samples of our Style section, which normally publishes on Sundays and Wednesdays, and the Business section, which appears each Sunday.

The Democrat is the only daily newspaper that focuses solely on the Natchez and Vidalia community.

“If you’re not a regular reader, we hope today’s copy of The Gift will help you see what you’re missing,” Cooper said. “Subscribing to the newspaper has never been easier and having a print edition lets you unplug a bit and enjoy the news at your pace, how you want it and where you want it.”

The simplest option for subscribing is our EZ-Pay program. EZ-Pay subscribers get 365 days of The Democrat to their houses for only $13.50 per month, automatically drafted from their account without any worries about bills or writing checks.

Call us at 601-445-3556 or log on to, click on “services” and then “subscribe” to begin your subscription.

Today’s complimentary issue is made possible thanks to the many businesses whose marketing messages grace the 26 pages.

“Hundreds of local businesses advertise with The Democrat each year and they want your business, so please make sure to say ‘Thanks’ by shopping with them,” Cooper said. “We hope everyone in the area has a Merry Christmas and enjoys our Gift.”