Faith & Family: Family helping others this holiday

Published 12:10 am Saturday, December 20, 2014

By Morgan Mizell

The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — Christmas time, for many, is a time of gift-giving and family togetherness.

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However, for some, there is little to go around and more important needs that need to be met.

Sarah Meriwether, a local artist and homemaker, thinks giving to those needs are what the season is all about.

“Last year, a group of us from Natchez Clay, adopted a family,” Meriwether said. “I have stayed in touch with that family, and this year, I decided to personally take on the task of making sure they had what they needed for Christmas.”

The Miss-Lou has many civic organizations and other departments, which endeavor to assist families in need, especially during the holidays.

However, Meriwether said that some people are too proud to ask for help and really may not feel that they should.

“I know this woman is a hard-worker, and she has been faced with so much, and it does my heart good to bless her with the things she needs and wants,” Meriwether said. “It humbles me.”

A short list of wants was given to Meriwether this Christmas, but she went a step further to enlist her entire Facebook page for donations for the family.

Meriwether said that while she knew that the family would be modest in their wishes, she felt that they could use help with other day-to-day things like bills, and it is working.

“I have gotten donations from people all over,” Meriwether said. “I have gotten clothes and money, and some donations have come from as far away as Atlanta.”

Meriwether’s upbringing, in rural Louisiana, was such that she understands what it is like to do without wants and focus on necessities.

“I went to public school, and I saw kids who had nothing,” Meriwether said. “I know what it is to struggle.”

The direct connection between Meriwether and the family has been rewarding.

“I like that I can pick up the phone and call or text and check on them to see what is going on,” Meriwether said. “I like having the personal connection and being able to know them and hug them and to be there for them physically and spiritually.”

For Meriwether, generosity has no specific season.

“I felt that if she needed help last Christmas, she might like something at Easter,” Meriwether said. “I have just continued to keep in touch, because I know that they are facing so much and I am happy to do it.”

Meriwether said that she prefers this method of one-on-one because you can see that you are helping and you know that what you gave is appreciated.

She hopes that others may be inspired to reach out to someone they know who may need assistance.

“I think that it’s important for us as human beings to feel the struggles of others,” Meriwether said. “It is important to be humble especially if you have been blessed emotionally, physically and financially.”

Anyone who wants to donate can contact Meriwether via email at