Businesses ready for holiday shopping returns

Published 12:11 am Friday, December 26, 2014

By Olivia McClure

The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — If you don’t like your Christmas present, save the receipt.

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Area store managers say to bring a receipt if possible when returning or exchanging an item.

Bringing a receipt, they say, makes the process easier.

But with an uptick in returns this time of year, managers say they’re willing to work with customers who don’t have their receipt.

Stacy Sharp, assistant manager of the Walmart in Vidalia, said his store usually requires a receipt for returns, but the rules are relaxed slightly around Christmas.

Starting 6 a.m. today, customers can bring in items to return or exchange.

Sharp said it takes a while for returns to pick up after Christmas, but he does expect an increase.

In Natchez, Sports Center customers need to bring the receipt if they want to return an item, said floor manager LeeAnn Simmons.

However, they can exchange as long as the tags are on the item. Customers can bring returns until the first week of January.

Belk manager Mary Flach said people should have “no trouble with us” when returning items. Receipts make returns easier, she said, but “we will take care of our customers.”

Flach said she doesn’t see too many returns after Christmas, but mostly exchanges for different sizes, for example.

There is also usually an increase in shoppers after Christmas as people come in to use gift cards they received, she said.