Several options on deck for tree disposal

Published 12:11 am Saturday, December 27, 2014

NATCHEZ — Christmas may be over, but Miss-Lou residents have several ways of putting their Christmas trees to use.

Vidalia Street Department Superintendent Lee Staggs said the City of Vidalia will continue its practice of picking up trees from curbside following Christmas.

Trees will be collected every day of the week except Wednesdays.

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The trees will be taken to a wood chipper or placed in water for fish to use.

Staggs said ornaments and other accessories should be removed from the trees before placing them on the curb for pick up.

“The trees are usually placed in water to provide smaller fish shelter from bigger predator fish,” Staggs said.

Concordia Metal recycling coordinator and Green Alliance volunteer Jim Smith said giving fish cover is the best use of an old Christmas tree.

“If you have a privately owned lake or know someone who does, the best thing to do is use (the trees) for fish,” Smith said.

Residents can also begin dropping off their Christmas trees at the parking lot of historic Melrose on 1 Melrose Montebello Parkway.

The trees can be dropped off any day, except Jan. 1, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Melrose will have an area specifically for the tree drop off. The tree should be free of stands, lights and ornaments.

The trees will be used for the gardens of Melrose and taken to ponds throughout the area.

“They are good for fish habitats,” said Adams County MSU extension service Director David Carter. “You can weigh the tree down and place it in a pond.”

Carter also said a used Christmas tree can make for a good campfire.

“(The trees) burn very good if you want to make a small campfire with them,” Carter said. “Just cut them up, they will light up quick.”

As for any used wrapping paper or other recyclable materials, Smith said those can be placed in any box and left on the curb for pick up Wednesday.

“Please place Styrofoam and plastic packaging in the regular trash,” Smith said. “Burned out Christmas lights can be taken to Armstrong Library.”