Will familiar faces run for county supervisor in 2015?

Published 12:04 am Sunday, December 28, 2014

NATCHEZ — Next year’s election for the Adams County Board of Supervisors could see two former board members pitted against the men who unseated them in 2011.

Rumors that former District 5 Supervisor S.E. “Spanky” Felter and former District 2 Supervisor Henry Watts were considering a bid for their old seats started circulating Adams County last week.

But when the question was put directly to them Friday, neither man would say they planned to run.

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They wouldn’t, however, say they were ruling out the possibility of re-entering the local political foray, either.

“I don’t want to say I am or I am not (running),” Felter said. “I have got to wait and see what happens. I will say this — I always loved the job.”

Watts said watching county politics unfold in the last 40-50 days, and especially in the last week, has been interesting.

“My gut feeling is that in next year’s election Adams County will follow the rest of the nation in its mid-term elections,” Watts said. “To me, the country is tired of do-nothing politicians, and I think Adams County is going to follow the rest of the country, and they are going to look for straight-talking leaders who are not looking for re-election.

“In politics, almost anything is possible, including me getting back in it. We will just see.”

Calvin Butler currently holds the District 5 seat, while David Carter represents District 2.

District 4 Supervisor Darryl Grennell — the board president — has already announced his intention to serve out his current term, but not seek re-election.

Adams County Chancery Clerk Tommy O’Beirne announced last week his intention to leave his office after this term to pursue other interests, and County Administrator Joe Murray reportedly has plans to run for the seat.

Murray could not be reached for comment Friday, but Wednesday morning he shared an image on a social media site of his qualifying papers for the election.

Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said last week he plans to run again, and a potential challenger confirmed Friday an intention to run for the office but asked to remain unnamed for the time being.

Qualifying for county offices begins Jan. 1 and ends Feb. 27.