Think through celebration plans tonight

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tonight, when midnight strikes, in addition to the popping of champagne corks, we’re all likely to hear the familiar explosion of fireworks.

Remember, if you are in the City of Natchez, those fireworks are illegal. Explosives or noise-making fireworks of any kind are against city laws.

Those caught with fireworks inside the city limits of Natchez can expect to be fined and possibly arrested.

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If you are located outside the city limits, please use great care when setting off fireworks.

Natchez Fire Department Battalion Chief David Williams recommends children always have adult supervision when fireworks are being used.

Don’t use fireworks around houses or trees. Never use a cigarette lighter to light fireworks. Don’t allow anyone who has been celebrating with alcohol to go anywhere near fireworks.

In recent years, some have chosen to shoot guns into the air.

Don’t do this. It’s simply stupid. Bullets cannot defy gravity and they come back to earth at deadly speeds.

Those falling bullets have resulted in needless, tragic loss of life.

Plan for a safe and healthy new year by using common sense when you and yours celebrate tonight.