Locals prepare for New Years resolutions

Published 12:17 am Friday, January 2, 2015

NATCHEZ — For some, the beginning of a new year gives the chance to start over and become a new person.

For Natchez resident Ruth Powers, her New Years resolution was to simply put the word “no” in her vocabulary.

“My resolution this year is to not say yes every time somebody asks me to do something,” Powers said.

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Powers works as a speech pathologist for Concordia Parish schools, which can sometimes be difficult to focus on with extra obligations beyond her classroom.

“It’s easy for me to let myself get overloaded, and that way I can do the best work I can on anything I’m doing,” Powers said.

Yearly, Powers makes a New Years resolution, and she hopes to see this vow through.

Julie Kendall was spending her New Years at the Natchez Coffee Company — her favorite stop.

And although she doesn’t plan on putting down the coffee this year, she plans on getting some exercise.

“I went to Chicago this Christmas and was there for 10 days, but I did a lot of running,” Kendall said.

After making her way back to Natchez, Kendall decided her New Years resolution would be to walk at least three times a week.

“I told my daughter that maybe I’ll have ‘the get up and go’ to walk three times a week,” Kendall said.

After countless strides in Chicago, Kendall knows walking three times a week will make her feel better.

“I want to stay as healthy as I can, considering all the coffee that I drink,” Kendall said while taking a sip of hot coffee. “I’m a coffeeholic.”

Kendall said she will try to better herself each day in 2015, believing that individuals can make a resolution everyday.

Mandecille, La., residents Brett and Anita Gaudet’s New Year resolutions are similar, to have a deeper relationship with God.

“I want to read the Bible more, spend more time with family and watch T.V. less,” Anita said.

Anita said the Bible teaches her the way to live and that family is important to her.

“T.V. doesn’t offer much of those things,” Anita said.

Anita said when she makes a New Years resolution she usually sticks to it.

“I made a vow last year to eat better and to exercise more, and I have gotten that down,” Anita said.

Brett also joined his wife for a New Year’s diet last year, but this year’s resolution will be somewhat different.

Because of work, Brett has not been able to attend church or fish as often as he would like, however, he hopes to change that this year.

“I didn’t get to go fishing once, Brett said. “I got a boat and had 100 poles. I’m going to try to get the stress level down this year.”

Brothers Aaron and Jordan Coleman of Natchez both want to make a change.

Aaron, a sophomore at Natchez High School, said he wants to be more honest and faithful in 2015.

“Instead of being in the shadows, I decided to come to the light and share my opinion more about certain things,” Aaron said.

Aaron said he makes a resolution every time he sees something in his life that needs a change, similar to his brother, Jordan.

Jordan is an eighth grader at Robert Lewis Magnet School in Natchez, but he already has an idea for the future.

“I want to learn more about technology,” Jordan said. “I’m hoping to study technology so I can one day become a video game designer.”

Natchez resident Zenati Jones said her resolution was to keep volunteering with the Natchez Stewpot.

“As long as I’m helping someone, I feel proud,” Jones said.