Shoplifting hurts entire community

Published 12:05 am Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shoplifting is considered by some people to be a “victimless crime,” but rest assured this notion is a false one.

Theft is a crime whose victims are many, though it may not be easy to recognize at first.

When someone steals from a store, it harms not only the store’s owners or stockholders, but also the employees of the store, many of whom are held accountable for keeping theft at a minimum.

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Statistically, shoplifting has been on the rise in Natchez over the last two years, but law enforcement officers believe the matter isn’t that more people are stealing, but that more of the thieves are being caught.

A greater focus on store surveillance and security are the key, police investigators believe.

We hope and pray that’s true.

We also hope that more citizens will take a stand and report thefts or potential thefts when they see something either occur or look fishy.

When we, as a society, look the other way, we’re empowering criminals and we all pay the price — in higher overall prices that come as a result of businesses having to price retail goods to cover the cost of the theft.