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Everyday Hero: Area couple shares baking love with community

Glenda Cupit makes cakes for adults with special needs at Pleasant Acre Day School. (Sam Gause / The Natchez Democrat)

Glenda Cupit makes cakes for adults with special needs at Pleasant Acre Day School. (Sam Gause / The Natchez Democrat)

NATCHEZ — Glenda and Jack Cupit use their love for baking to bless others.

The married couple of 54 years both volunteer at Pleasant Acre Day School by lending a helping hand or a birthday cake when needed.

“We were brought up to help other people,” Glenda, 71, said. “If someone needs help, we are there.”

Pleasant Acre Day School is a day care center for special needs adults, who Glenda said are given homemade cake and ice cream to celebrate their birthday.

“They are special kids,” Glenda said. “God put them here for a reason and I just love them all. They are all so trusting and appreciative of everything you do.”

Glenda mostly makes pound cakes and fresh apple cakes.

Jack, 74, helps by peeling the apples for his wife because of her arthritis.

“I do what I can,” Jack said.

Glenda has made 28 cakes so far throughout the month of February.

The Cupits also work with others to keep up the lawn at the school, but their love for volunteering goes far beyond that, including making cakes for individuals outside of the school out of love.

“When people need help, we do our best to be right there,” Jack said. “We just do things just to be doing something.”

Jack said he and Glenda are just trying to do what the Lord expects of them.

“God put us here to help one another, and if we can’t do that, then we’re poor individuals,” Jack said.

Jack and Glenda could not recall the amount of good things they have done for others — but that’s not relevant to them.

“We don’t do what we do for the recognition,” Jack said. “We don’t keep up with all that. We just do it, go on, and find somebody else so we can do something for them.”

Recently, Jack was given the option to sentence a young man who broke into the Natchez Shrine Club, where Jack once served as president for seven years.

But Jack showed mercy.

“I took him back there in the room and told him ‘son, we are going to give you a second chance.’ And he promised me he would do right.”

Pleasant Acres Day School director Mary Ann Foggo-Eidt said the Cupits and other volunteers at the school are her angels.

“If something breaks down, they are there for me to call on,” Foggo-Eidt said. “It’s like they’re my guardian angels that help watch over our adults here.”

Glenda has been a homemaker all of her life while Jack is a retired worker from Armstrong Lumber Co.

They have two adult children, Charman and Mark Cupit.